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We didn’t just build a company. We created a place for people to work together, inspire others, find support and realize their dreams.
Lisa Muñoz

Lisa Muñoz is a #MomBoss who embodies the true spirit of WORK HARD, PLAY HARD, GIVE BACK! She achieves ABJ Top Residential Realtor, Platinum Top 50, and #1 Top Producer at Realty Austin year over year by maximizing Realty Austin tools and systems.

Todd Bailey

After growing his business from $5M to $15M in a few short years, Todd Bailey decided to take a month off to spend with his new baby. With a little help from our support staff and marketing automation systems Todd was able to enjoy his time off while his business continued to thrive. Watch this short interview to find out how Realty Austin made this possible.

Fara Kosari & Sharon Murray

Upon joining Realty Austin, Fara Kosari and Sharon Murray found the friendship, motivation and collaboration they needed to achieve their goals. Leveraging our technology, training, and support, they doubled their sales every year, now producing over $12M each.

Joe & Cara Keenan

After joining Realty Austin and leveraging our amazing support, the Keenan Team’s productivity and volume have soared, increasing from $8.6M in 2015 to an estimated $32M in 2018. Watch the Keenan’s amazing story here and see how Realty Austin provides the tools and technology driving their business growth and success.

Cynthia Mattiza

After joining Realty Austin, Cynthia doubled her production within the first year. Five years later, she’s selling $18M while starting a family proving that you can have it all with the right support. Watch Cynthia’s story and see how Realty Austin helped her get the lifestyle she wanted while achieving the professional success she deserved.

Adam Walker

In 2014 Adam Walker closed his own brokerage to join Realty Austin. In 2015 he had his best year ever. Watch this short video to see how Adam leveraged Realty Austin’s systems and support staff to grow his business and improve his quality of life.

Darcy Newton

In 2012, Darcy was struggling to get by. She didn’t have a database or the support to have a work-life balance. After joining Realty Austin, she immediately doubled her business. Five years later, her business has grown exponentially from $2M in sales to over $11M in 2017, all while starting a family.

Burt Dement

Burt Dement didn’t take a vacation for years, until he joined Realty Austin and grew his business from $13M to $25M in 2 years. Now he takes 4 vacations a year and has free time to coach his girls’ sports teams. Watch this short, 2-minute video to find out how you can live the life that you want for your family by doubling your sales and vacations at Realty Austin.

Lockie & Warren Ealy

In 2014 Lockie Ealy convinced her husband Warren to join forces in building her real estate business. In their first year together this dynamic duo improved their work/life balance, enjoyed more time together and increased their sales by 122%! We understand the power of teamwork and have the systems and support staff to help you get your life back and close more business.

Sari Pearce

One of our Lake Travis agents, Sari Pearce, filmed this short video to discuss how her sales increased 5x in the 2 years since she made the move to Realty Austin. Sari explains how our online lead generation and marketing automation systems helped her work smarter; spending more time with her family and making more money than she could have ever imagined.

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