Agent Success Teams

Our Agent Success and Training teams have one job – supporting agent’s growth.

The Realty Austin Effect

Training, technology, lead generation, marketing, coaching—we tune, test and integrate these things into a cohesive process that grows our agents’ businesses, year-in and year-out.


When you combine your talents and desire with our systems and processes, you’ll experience something we call The Realty Austin Effect.

Average Income Per Year of RA Agents Hired in 2010


Our job is to remove burdens and distractions that keep our agents from doing what they do best.
  • Training
  • Leads
  • Coordination Services
  • Resources
  • Community connection
  • Brand + personal image
We embrace the future, always planning ahead with offices, technology, marketing, and processes to help our agents stand out.
  • Technolgoy
  • Marketing
  • Workspace
  • Data intelligence
  • Leadership
  • Tools & assets
  • Automation
Superior support and relentless innovation result in per agent productivity 5x that of any other top 20 firm.
  • Transaction management and coordination
  • Large, professional staff
  • Marketing automation
  • Business planning
  • Ninja training
  • Technical support
The Realty Austin Effect
The Realty Austin Effect is the result of powerful processes that create a proven impact. Be ready for change. Your sales will never be the same.

The RA Effect promotes:


Empowered with others, supported by all.
Experience a sharing culture with deep roots in Austin.


Agent Success Teams ready to assist.
Leverage more than 30 opportunities each month.


Build your foundation. Excelerate your results.
Almost half of the PT500 list work for Realty Austin.


Agent Success Team dedicated to your success.
At Realty Austin, we've got your back.
Discover how head and heart build culture at Realty Austin